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The law firm of McKinney & Tillman, P.C. provides estate planning, trust and probate services, and related tax advice and solutions.

We are here to help you understand and use the legal tools you will need

  • if you become disabled,
  • if you develop a terminal illness, and
  • when you pass away.

We know that you want to remain in control for as long as possible, not only in making healthcare decisions, but also in managing your real estate, business interests, investments, and other property.

At McKinney & Tillman, P.C., we are committed to giving you the highest level of legal services through a caring, confidential, and nurturing relationship. 

We realize from our experience with our clients that some of the terms we use (such as estate planning, estate administration, probate, etc.) may be new or unfamiliar to you, so to better serve you, throughout our site, we have provided definitions and descriptions of these terms.